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Our Centennial


September, 2014 this Society will celebrate one hundred (100) years as a continuously functioning benevolent organization. Past, present, and future members are excited and enthusiastic about the occasion and looking forward to the spectacle of such a grand event. These days, the notion of centennial and celebrations seems taken-for-granted.

Think back, however, to another time: a time of Ellis Island and travel to America, by boat; live-in servants and indentured servitude; cutting sugarcane, in Panama and Florida; picking cotton, in the Carolinas; World War I and segregated soldiers; Jim Crow and routine hangings. It was a period of hard times and atrocities.

Into that climate, Montserratians migrated and started the organization that came to be known as MPS-NY, Inc. 1924, ten years after its inception, the organization was incorporated and owned its first in a series of buildings in Harlem. Now, 95 years later, the organization still owns a building in Harlem and is well-positioned to coordinate its centennial celebration.

The scope of our centennial celebration begins right now. It will reach out to kindred organizations, worldwide; government officials, on-island; and even more, the ever-growing expatriate community of Montserratians.

We are researching our history. We are hoping for any information that will support this effort. For example, we would love to borrow family photographs (from trips to Canada or Boston or even, Lake George, NY); old newspaper articles and clippings; and don‘t forget the annual boat-ride-to-Bear-Mountain picnic!

Every bit will help to embellish the rich cultural history of this Society. 


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