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MPS-NY, Inc CrestOn September 25, 1914, a group of enterprising Montserratians, led by John L. Francis, formed the organization that came to be known as the Montserrat Progressive Society of New York, (MPS-NY) Inc.
The purposes for which this organization was formed satisfied the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(C)(3) and is supplemented by Article III (Sections 2 & 3) of the Constitution & By-Laws of MPS-NY,
Inc. (Revised December, 2011).
From its inception, the founding members recognized the need to ensure the longevity of the society and formed a source group for future members. The Juvenile Society, was established May, 1923 and essay
and poetry competitions provided intellectual and artistic stimulation for its members. The young
members were also taught the rudiments of parliamentary procedure as a prerequisite for assuming
responsibilities in the parent organization.

During his tenure as President, George James formed the Education and Scholarship Committee to raise
funds for scholarships to students in Montserrat. By 1964, twenty-four years later, the efforts of this
committee enabled the Society to provide the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) with its first school
bus. The committee, now known as the Education and Newsletter Committee, further expanded its role,
serving as the social outreach arm of MPS-NY, Inc, scheduling speakers and other dignitaries from the
Caribbean to discuss issues relevant to Montserratians as Montserrat remains the constant focus of this

After the devastation of Montserrat, caused by Hurricane Hugo (September 16-17, 1989), the Society
raised and distributed funds to several organizations and persons on the island among which was Old
People’s Welfare Association (OPWA), a perennial recipient of MPS donations. When the first official fire
department was started, the Society provided six of the twelve fire-fighters’ uniforms. When Janet Reno,
then United States Attorney General, granted Montserratians Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in May
1997 (due to the ongoing volcanic activity), MPS was first to provide this information to the public and
media. The Society is a source of assistance and information about immigration concerns, welfare
reform, census and is a regular participant in Round Table forums on Caribbean Issues.
The Society, which celebrated its Centennial anniversary in September 2014, remains a beneficial and
resourceful organization, steadfast in its willingness to be of service. Its monthly meetings keep members
abreast of activities and its website – www.mpsofny.org – makes readily available all pertinent
information. Ongoing collaborative efforts to benefit the people of Montserrat include: the Adopt-A-
Family Project, a partnership with the Montserrat Foundation for Charitable Giving, Inc., and the
Caribbean Research Center at Medgar Evers College (CUNY), aimed to alleviate the financial plight of
families on and off the volcano-ridden island. On September 2003, the Montserrat Development and
Education Foundation (MonDEF) Inc, was established as a 501(C)(3) tax exempt affiliated corporation to
provide scholarships and added financial relief to students of Montserratian descent living in the United
States of America.

From 2016 to the present, both Brades Primary and Lookout Primary schools in Montserrat have
benefitted from MPS’ generosity. Each year, Lookout Primary School has received gifts, such as Kindles
and computer tablets to be given as awards for their Annual Valentine’s Day dance, as well as tiaras,
and crowns for the Princess and Prince of the event. MPS has engaged in various community activities,
such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Montserrat and the Annual Family Fun Day in NY, bringing
visibility to the Society’s initiatives. MPS has brought awareness to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by raising
funds and participating in the NYC, MS walk; donating adult pampers and other items to the Caribbean
island Dominica that suffered from the devastating hurricane Maria; donating US$1000 in 2017 to a
student in Montserrat leaving from MSS to the Community College in Montserrat; in 2018 – 2019
donating four scholarships of US$1000 each to deserving students in NY who gained admission into
university to pursue studies at the Bachelor’s level.
Some of the immediate goals of the Society include: increasing membership and membership
participation to realize the missions of the Society; supporting eligible students and community-based
organizations; increasing the revenue of the Montserrat Disaster Relief Fund; maintaining
communication, utilizing various social media outlets such as Facebook; and collaborating with other like-
minded organizations as a visible and viable force in the Caribbean-American Caribbean-American community.
Membership (Active, Associate or Honorary) in the society is open to everyone who is willing to promote
the goals and purposes of MPS- NY, Inc. Prices for membership can be found on the organization's website



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