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The purposes for which MPS-NY, Inc. has been organized are as follows:

To conduct activities which are charitable, scientific and educational for the purpose of providing relief to the distressed and underprivileged, thus lessening the burdens of government for the promotion of public good.

In furtherance, but not in limitation of the foregoing charitable, scientific and educational purposes, this Corporation shall:

  • Unite people who are from, and interested in, the island of Montserrat.
  • Assist in uplifting them socially, morally, culturally and intellectually; and to promote the general welfare of its members.
  • Provide assistance to the needy.
  • Provide activities for the elderly and youth.
  • Provide scholarship awards to the disadvantaged and/or deserving youth.
  • Get the community actively involved in the welfare of their neighborhoods and the growth of their children.
  • Monitor progress of students and provide mentors to assist and encourage students.
  • Sponsor and support programs in the performing arts, visual arts and culture.
  • Conduct any and all lawful activities which may be necessary, useful or desirable for the furtherance, accomplishment or attainment of the foregoing purposes.

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