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Montserrat Progressive Society of New York, Inc. was formed in by a group of Montserratians who understood the importance of community.   They eventually acquired a building at 207 West 137 Street, known today as the Montserrat Building in Harlem.  This became a meeting place where they kept abreast of events at home and abroad.   The mission of the Society was then and is still today.

The volcano that has ravaged Montserrat for the past 10 years [1995] and which is still very active propels the need to sustain the headquarters that we have inherited from those who had the insight and wisdom to acquire such property.  Over the last four years the Montserrat building has had extensive renovations performed to upgrade it, thereby incurring a mortgage of $450,000. Our goal is to “burn the mortgage” with the assistance of Montserratians and friends of Montserrat so that we can leave a debt free legacy for those who come after us. We have to find creative avenues to increase our revenues through fund raising and charitable giving.

Some of our fundraising efforts have been (1) Mother’s Day Extravaganza where we honor mothers who have achieved both educationally and community.  We also recognize outstanding members of the Montserrat community. Education scholarships are also awarded (2) our November Dance and other events (3) Boat ride, etc.

We are appealing to you to join our new thrust to revamp the activities of the Society to reflect the 21st century.  Of paramount importance is the preservation of our culture and history since access to Montserrat is not the way it used to be, that is, over 9,000 Montserratians have had to relocate and also the destruction of the villages in the East, South and Plymouth areas.  You can help us achieve these goals by becoming a member and also to share your expertise and/or participate in the development of our programs.  We also welcome any charitable giving.  Your participation in these ventures will assist the Society to be a beacon of hope in our community at home and abroad.

By joining MPS-NY, Inc., you'll become a part of an international community of advocates for Montserrat. Membership also provides you with member-only access to this website.

Our membership program has three levels:

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  • Golden Life - Lifetime Membership

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